Hello and Thanks for Stopping By My Blog

Hello and welcome to my blog celebrating the amazing Ford Capri. My name is Brian, and I’m a fan of vintage magazine ads, especially the kind you see in magazines like Life and The Saturday Evening Post. Some of these ads are like works of art, and many times they were never reproduced and only used once.

Anyway, I recently saw an ad for a Ford Capri. I wasn’t familiar with this Ford model, so I did a little research into it. Turns out the car was initially developed to sell in Europe, and was introduced to the public at a car show in Brussels. Sales started one month later.

The Ford Capri was often referred to as the “baby Mustang” because it was Ford’s intention to duplicate the success of the Mustang in the U.S. in Europe with the Capri. The two cars don’t look anything like one another to me though.

It was built from 1969 to 1986, and had a pretty good run with nearly 2 million cars sold during that time. After having success in Europe, Ford quickly branched out to other countries, including Australia and Japan. Eventually it was even released back home in the U.S. Clearly it was different from the Mustang, but it was still a neat looking little car at the time.

My knowledge of classic cars is extremely limited, but luckily I can use the Internet to find out anything that I don’t know. I was at an auction for property that had been seized, and one of the items that was being auctioned was a Ford Capri. While the auction was happening, I did a quick search to learn more about the car, and saw that it wasn’t being made anymore. There were a few people bidding on the car, but they weren’t bidding enough to significantly raise the auction price.

I made a bid for the car and the bidding went back and forth between four other people and myself, with each of us bidding in small increments. Eventually the other people became tired and stopped bidding. I was able to win the car for only a few hundred dollars, which I considered to be a major bargain. The car wasn’t in perfect condition and needed some fixing up, but I didn’t mind.

I treated the fixing up process like a pet project. I saved up money to have the car fixed piece by piece until it was as good as new. The car has a special permanent spot in my garage.