The Party Bus owner and his Ford Capri

The automobile known as the Capri is one that is manufactured by the Ford Motor Company. In this article, we will briefly touch on the history of the Ford Capri, and how it came about to be a vehicle to drive.

The Ford Capri was first introduced in the year 1969. It was designed by the man who also worked on the Ford Mustang, a fact that came to light in 2010. Manufacture of the Ford Capri lasted from 1969 up until the year 1986. In its lifetime, this equivalent to the Mustang that was intended for the European driver, was sold nearly two million times.

Like mentioned earlier, the Ford Capri was created with the intention of duplicating the success of the Ford Mustang in America within Europe. It was first shown to the public at the motor show in Brussels. This vehicle was closely related, and in parts, modeled after, the 1966 Cortina. When the car was released, reception was, for the most part, favorable. We spoke with a guy at a car show that owns a party bus Minneapolis service, and he was telling us all about his Capri. Definitely a car line with a lot of love!

Even though the Ford Capri did not officially have a successor, it was discontinued and the next car to come about was the Ford Probe. This car was introduced in 1992. But while the Capri was manufactured, it brought in quite the love and appreciation that only a Ford car can generate.